A Crimewatch Worthy Story.

I got scammed by the car rental company.

Called the person during the day of the supposed pick up, but there was no answer. There was just no service. The kind of message from a computer that you get when you call someone and a) they’re not using the same number b) they’re phone died c) they’re outstation and they dont have autoroam. d) there wasnt any service where the person was at- like in the MRT

So at first maybe I thought there was no service. Tried a few times after that, still no answer. Then I got VERY worried. By the afternoon, they still didn’t return my call and I knew I’ve been scammed. Still had that glimmer of hope that maybe the owners were on leave since it was a day after the elections. Went to granny’s place to break fast and then told my cousin in law about the whole thing. He offered to drive me and Dad to the place where the supposed office was at.

The “office” I went to pay the deposit was cleared and empty. A photocopy of the owner’s IC was pasted on the door of the “office”. I wasn’t surprised that I got scammed. But I couldn’t believe this could happen in Singapore (So people, Low crime means no crime). We weren’t the only ones there that night. There were many others who were as dumbfounded as us. All the faces seriously spelt “I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST GOT SCAMMED”. Apparently there were more people there, but they’ve already made their way to the police station to make a report. I haven’t made mine yet cause I haven’t called up CASE.

Actually, when I went to the “office”, I didn’t feel good about it. There was something amiss. I didn’t know what. There was something that wasn’t right about the whole thing.  But I guess my parents and I were so desperate to rent a car for Eid at a good price ($388 for 7 days, who don’t want sia). I guess it was too good to be true. So the moral of the story is, GO WITH YOUR INSTINCTS. Seriously. If you don’t feel good about something, chances are, you are right.

Oh well, that’s life. But to be honest I was kinda glad I didn’t drive. Cause I was scared like what if the car was cursed or something and something bad happened to my family. Wouldn’t that be worse?

The main point is, I get to celebrate Eid with my family. Drive or don’t drive, that’s a different story. Just as long as I have my family with me on the joyous day, I’m contented. So that’s my story.

Another post about Eid itself and the pictures soon!

Merry Slumbers, everyone 🙂


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