Don’t Forget.

So in about half an hour, we bid farewell to the holy month of Ramadhan and usher in Syawal. Mixed feelings, really. I’ve been busy editing videos and thinking of ideas on how to make the Hari Raya video this year. So far, the idea is there, just hope that it won’t be tacky. I did a more traditional and heartwarming video last year with the Hari Raya songs I could find. So (hint) this year’s will be slightly different. Heh. Nevertheless, I will still add in the warmth because it’s Hari Raya.

Anyway, I’m three days late for this.
August 26th is my late grandmother (paternal)’s death anniversary. I have to admit (not proud of this) that it totally slipped my mind. I only realised it the next day and I’ve been procrastinating to write a post about it. Bidding farewell to Ramadhan also means that Nenek has to go back ‘there’ and she’s not allowed to come back home to roam around the house she last lived at until the next Ramadhan. I’m kind of sad that she didn’t make her presence known to me this Ramadhan. I wonder why, but it’s okay. I’ve spotted butterflies coming to my house so I’d like to assume that’s her. Or when I get chills and goosebumps.

To be honest, I don’t know if she would be proud of me if she was still alive today. Seeing how much I’ve grown and all that. *Ponders* But it’s okay. Her leaving this world still stands as the worst day of my life thus far. It’s even worse than falling on my butt, even worse than failing, even worse than my mom’s nagging, even worse than a break up, even worse than getting rejected, even worse than getting treated like shit…

Nevertheless, we all here on Earth still have to move forward and continue living with the memory that we have of the ones we’ve lost. I’ve lost too many family Β members I love so dearly, that losing friends/ friendships- though it’s heartwrenching, but it doesn’t compare to losing a family member.

So here’s to my favourite uncle and my granddaddy as well. My grandaddy was a great man. He had amazing talents. I wished I had time to get to know him better rather than have the memory that he always stole my rice when I was younger. My favourite uncle died in a car accident. He survived the accident, but due to complications, he couldn’t hang on much longer.

So guys, in the midst of all the celebration, don’t forget those who have left us.
Till the next Ramadhan.

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends!
My apologies if I’ve hurt your feelings or made you feel upset due to my actions or words.
Let’s all start on a new page with new goals and new directions (LOL GLEE.)



Did I mention I got scammed by the car rental company? More on that after Eid. Hahahah.

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