Something New.

Had a make over for the blog. Looks fresher now. I’ve also decided to change the title to My Favourite Book. Well, I got sick of the Speak with wit…. It was getting to… Old.

Besides, My Favourite Book seems right. I know blog ≠ book. But people read my blog and who knows, this can be the only memory I have of my teenage life when I grow older and then it can be like a book. A book of stories and life lessons for my kids or something.

The tagline was supposed to “Give a gist of what the blog is about”. So I felt that “Life through my eyes” was appropriate. Nobody sees the same things as everyone else- well, maybe not every single thing. So these are my stories, my experiences and how I deal with them. Will update more interesting stuff when I can.

But for now, Syawal is coming. I’m happy, yet sad because as we usher in Syawal, we say goodbye to Ramadhan. To be honest, I felt that I didn’t do much this Ramadhan. I felt that I didn’t do enough to paste over my sins with good doings. But if there’s one thing that I know I’ve achieved in this Ramadhan, is that I hardly got angry and I hardly talked a lot except during presentations. The thing is it’s better if you don’t talk during Ramadhan for the fear that you might accidentally talk about other people (i. e. Gossiping). I definitely felt more calmer this Ramadhan so, Alhamdulillah.

With regards to my anger. I’m a hot headed person. I’m very ‘at the spur of the moment’. When I’m pissed, I will make your life a living hell. I will not tolerate you. I will not let you speak until I’ve spoken my peace. But usually when that happens, I don’t pay attention to anything that you’re saying. But after that, I usually calm down. Usually. Haha

Anyway, this Ramadhan I kinda tried training myself to not be angry so easily. Actually, now that I think about it, this Ramadhan has been very peaceful. I have no recollection of anything negative happening. Only thing I regret is not using enough time this Ramadhan to do more good things. Anyway, Ramadhan is slowly leaving us and I can only pray that I’ll meet Ramadhan again, Insya Allah.

So happy preparing for Eid, my muslim friends!

PS: it’s 2:46, i’m taking a break from baking. Hahaha 🙂


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