Phew- Cher.

Went to break fast with the Secondary Schoolmates.
It’s been a while since we last gathered and boy, was it some good company.

Had a hearty, fattening dinner of Bangers and Mash. It was goooooood.
After breaking fast, the guys headed off to Taqua Mosque to do terawih prayers while the girls and I stayed at Simpang to let our food settle down before heading to East Point to get Gongcha.

So we slacked at some playground in Simei with our bubble tea. We started talking about our future and how things would be like when we’re married with children. Well, it’s an interesting thought. We’re 19 now. In a few years we’d be planning our weddings and stuff.

A couple of things came up.

a) Among the guys we’ve known and met over the years, who would be the one we would most likely marry.
b) How our husbands would be like
c) How our children would be like
d) How different we would be
e) Playdates for our kids

Well, we took a long time deciding how to answer the first question. Liyana answered mine for me. It was like she stole the answer from my mind. Haha. And she said “I can so totally imagine your kids looking like this- ”

Which seems legit. Hahaha. Then Farie was in a cross between two people so she had a hard time deciding. Moving on, we wondered how our husbands would be like. Would they have a personality similar to ours? Or would they have a personality completely different from ours? For example, for Liyana, will her future husband be someone who is as sarcastic as her, or would he be someone who can tone down her sarcasm? For Farie, will her husband be as witty as her, or will he be someone who’s knowledgeable, yet quiet and reserved? And for me, will my future husband be as loud, spontaneous and an extrovert like me, or will he be quiet, reserved, and an introvert?

Will my husband be a tall, lanky dude? Or will he be short, fat and adorable- like a giant teddybear?
Will my husband be the one person who can entertain my randomness and tone my spontaneity  down?
Will my husband compliment me, or will he be exactly like me?

I think that my future husband will be tall and lanky. And I think that he’ll be quiet cause I’m too loud and opinionated at times and maybe my future quiet husband can be my voice of reason. Which I think that I really need being me, because I feel that sometimes I overreact and get paranoid and think of all the bad things. I am bad at taking criticism (So my Dad says, but I think I’m not that bad…) So maybe my future quiet husband can be my best friend, who’s always there to hear me out and advice me and calm me down. He’ll be someone who doesn’t say much when there’s nothing important to say. But when he does open his mouth to say something, it’ll be comforting, yet firm- especially when I need a wake up call on something (i. e work).

Then we started talking about kids. How many kids we’d have. How we’d dress them up. I’ll dress my kids up like the picture above. Hahaha. I’ll get them tiny sized Vans and Nike dunks! Likewise if I have a daughter. She’ll wear cute dresses. And she’ll wear cute girl jeans and top with tiny Purple Vans. (Omg the mental image is too cute)

And we were saying how Liyana’s kids will be really antisocial and have the stone face on all the time that my and Farie’s kids can’t even get through to them. Farie’s sons will wear little cute Jubahs with slippers (She told us). As for Liyana’s sons, well, she’s okay with anything but not apek pants (She told us this too.)

Then we were talking about how different we’d all be when we’re married. We kinda can’t imagine ourselves planning our wedding, having kids and stuff. It seems so grown up, but yeah, we’re turning 20. There’s no turning back. We also saw this lady in the carpark with three kids waiting for her husband to pick her up. And Liyana was saying that that could be Farie in the future. It’d be creepy if down the road, she’d have some dejavu or something.

Imagine, 8 years from now, we’re already married or going to get married or maybe pregnant or already have our first kid, we meet at the same playground and look back at ourselves at the same place 8 years ago, talking about our future. It’ll be nostalgic.

Maybe we’d be so wrong about the things we said about our future.
Maybe we’d be so creepily accurate that it sends chills.
Maybe we’d be accurate and inaccurate at the same time that it feels weird.

And we’d say like

Tiara: 8 years ago I said the thought of getting married is creepy and that my husband would be tall, and lanky.
Farie: 8 years ago I thought I was unmarriable.
Liyana: 8 years ago I never thought I could marry someone who speaks malay.

But then we’d be like

Tiara: But now my wedding day was the best day ever. I got married to my best friend, my confidante. And I enjoyed every moment planning my wedding day.
Farie: But now I’m happily married. My husband loves me for who I am, and I’m thankful for that.
Liyana: But now I’m happily married to a man who speaks more malay than English.(HAHAHAH THIS IS TOO FUNNY IF IT HAPPENS)

If this happens. Like 8 years later, we meet up and head to that very same playground. Will it be like how I think it would be?

Nevertheless, some deep conversations went down with my girls tonight. It was fun, as usual 🙂

Before I leave,
I still wonder if I’m destined to be with a quiet man, or a loud one.

We’ll see 😉

Merry Slumbers, Everyone.


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