The Sadness Will Never End.

Paramore performed tonight!
But I didn’t go. Well, I had my reasons.
Kinda bummed reading people’s tweets about it and all 😦 It’s okay! I get to bask in their joy and enjoyment during the concert. Paramore. Never. Disappoints.

Nevertheless, I had a great time slacking at home. I miss home (BA- HA- HA. I’ve been slacking at home since God knows when). Helped Mom bake some Raya kuihs. Those simple ones. Caught The Expendables on Star Movies. Damn, that movie is testosterone filled I swear.

Now I’m at home (DUH. It’s 2:20 am in the morning). And I wanna sleep cos I feel tired but totally not listening to soothing songs. I’m listening to Skrillex. (Facepalm). I guess I’ll go watch some tv and munch on some kuihs Mom made just now (hehehehehehehheheheheheheheheh.)

Till then,

The Sadness Will Never End.


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