In Another Life.

I think I’ll admit this. I’m done trying to make an effort for something that will never happen. Well, at least something that will never happen anytime soon.

Maybe it’s the best for me. Maybe It’s good that I’m being independent. If there’s one thing I can show off to girls in a relationship, it would be that I don’t need anyone to make me feel happy or happier than I already am. I am my own entity and I dictate my own happiness.

Although, it wouldn’t be that bad to have someone there to text when I’m bored or upset or when i just feel like saying “Hi! I miss you! ^^,”

I guess it’s okay.

I think tonight is one of the melancholic nights I face from time to time. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe I’m really physically tired. Maybe I’m thinking too much.

So many maybe-s, I think-s and I guess-s.
That’s what life is all about, I suppose.
Filled with uncertainties.
Ironically, it’s those uncertainties that makes life interesting.

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