Up, up here we go

I’m running out of things to blog about. Maybe cause I don’t have much inspiration as of late. Nevertheless, I’ve realised I haven’t been blogging promptly based on events that are blog post worthy. Like the trip to Bangkok last June.

Parents, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins made a trip to Bangkok for five days to fulfill our shopping thirst. It was the best five days ever. It even beat Bali in 2009 which was one of my favourite trips cause of the laid back environment and the awesome feeling of not doing anything at all and not feel guilty doing so. I think it’s just the Bali atmosphere.

Anyway, back to Bangkok. The reason why I enjoyed Bangkok so much was cause
a) I wasn’t alone. I had company other than my parents
b) The hotel had free internet (I rejoiced at this cos I brought Barney, my Macbook Pro)
c) Shop all day (Which meant, really good buys!)
d) eat really good Halal Thai food and not worry about getting fat cos we walked everywhere
e) Quality time with the folks

Our flight was at 6:40 am in the morning. I didn’t sleep the whole night cos we had to be at the airport by 4:40 am. Afraid my eyes would be tired, I wore spectacles on the way to the Land of Smiles.

Breakfast at the Transit area.

Before heading to the Gate. I think when I don’t get enough sleep, it’s by default that I make retarded faces.

I was even too lazy to do a jumpshot.

I had no recollection of the flight. I fell asleep the moment I sat down in the plane. I guess, it was a good flight? I didn’t want to wake up cos I was so sleepy.

At Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. I told you I’ll make retarded faces by default.
Slept again on the way to our little boutique hotel at On8 Sukhumvit. It was a cozy 5 story hotel which was narrow and long instead of wide and tall.

The Hotel Lobby which extended to the cafe where we’d have our breakfast. The same breakfast everyday for five days cos that was all they served for the breakfast package.

We reached the hotel at like 9am in the morning? And we weren’t allowed to check in yet so we just left our baggage at the concierge. I changed to my lenses and removed my stockings. Wanted to wear slippers but it was buried deep within the bags so I wore my Clydes out to the best weekend market ever that whoops Bugis Street in the ass, Chatuchak Market.

This is us waiting for the train to Chatuchak!

Us in the train. Oh and I whooped out my trusty straw hat and my shades.
With cousins and Aunt.

So upon reaching we started our quest on finding really nice stuff that were at such ridiculously affordable prices. And along they way got ourselves some snacks like Halal kebabs which were INSANELY good and cheap. Sweet pineapples from the fruit carts and get this… TEH TARIK! It was really good too.

My Chinese looking Mother and I with our bags of goodies and really really good pineapple.
She looks so chinese I cant even…. Hahaha

The Kebab Stand

  The teh Tarik guy! He even tarik-d the teh while turning around and stuff. What a talent. If i were him I’d already be scalded and end up with less than 10ml of teh in my cup.

So after like 4 hours roaming around Chatuchak Market, we were tired, and hungry. So we made our way to the Muslim side of Bangkok where there’s a good Thai Muslim restaurant located near the Mosque. I was looking forward to the tom yum soup and the chendol.

LOOK AT IT.  Damn, I’m craving for some chendol now.

Aunt and I. I was clearly enjoying my chendol.

I show no mercy with the faces I give on the first day. And possibly throughout the rest of the days at Bangkok.

That was pretty much it for the first day at Bangkok. We went back to the hotel after and took a nap before washing up and walking around the area where our hotel was at.

I had a really good night’s sleep considering how tired I was. So we got up and had some breakfast. We booked an appointment to get our nails done. I was dying for a foot massage, but I couldn’t take my chances cos I knew if I did, the masseuse would end up getting seriously injured. I’m very VERY ticklish.

This was what Cousin’s room looked like

Not one of my best hair days. Wanted to bun up the hair, but failed x5. I gave up and ponytailed it. We then headed to Platinum Mall where the people from Bugis Street buy their stuff/clothes to sell in SG (for twice the price, btw). It was shopping heaven for me.


And cos we were stuck at this shop for quite awhile, cousins and I got bored and took nonsense pictures of us ‘fighting’ and i made fun of the mannequins and stuff. Like this

No wonder I’m still single. hahahaha.

So then we headed to the same Thai Muslim restaurant to have our dinner.

My dad is seriously joker. I had no idea he did this until cousins uploaded the pictures.

Day 3.

Breakfast again.

Sorry. It’s just an early- morning- i -feel- like- giving- an- ugly- face thing.
With Mum and Uncle here.

Then we headed to MBK mall to walk around. We got our nails done! (again) But this time, it was nail art! I got really cute fruity nails! (girly moment here) And we got REALLY REALLY GOOD CREPES. It was so yummy. Gahhhhh.


Fruity nails! heh.

Then we headed back to the hotel after doing a little bit more of shopping. We rested for awhile while the Mums went to get their Thai massage. We stayed at the hotel eating Kebabs and playing around with Photobooth and youtube. We then went to meet the Mums. Their Massage place was at Patpong a.k.a slutty pubs area. But obviously their massage place wasn’t slutty la.

As always I had to make a joke out of everything. Couldn’t help myself.

Again, this is why I’m still single.

There’s more to come.

Get it? Oh Nana, What’s my name? (Rihanna… Get it?)

Walking to Patpong.

Told you this place was slutty/horny.

As we were walking through Patpong, we were offered Porn DVDs, Dildos, Viagra and vibrators. Sometimes guys would come and show me a small card that wrote “XXX DVDs”

After the walk through that area, we went back to the hotel to call it a night.

The Folks.

Last two days.

We spent the fourth day to head down to get some jerseys. Got more crepes. Hehehehhe.

In front of the National Stadium at Bangkok

 Dad’s custom made Fishing hat.

Then the last day came. I thought we had an extra day there. Ahaha. So i was confidently like

“Relax la still got tomorrow to pack what”
“What tomorrow? We are leaving tomorrow!”
“Huh? I thought we leaving on Thursday?!”
“No, we’re leaving on Wednesday!”

So that was it.

The Bangkok trip. It took me 1 hr and 45 mins to post this. A lot of time invested into this post (Proud of self).
So yeah. Great time I had at Bangkok. And I was greeted with a term that almost killed me.

And that term is ending in 5 days.


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