I had a conversation with one of my friends the other day. It was about me moving too fast.

I’m moving so fast that people don’t get a chance to stop and see if I’m worth it. I told him that I’ve slowed down for people before, but they end up running away from me.

You know when you start running and you stay in that constant speed. Then you slow down, or even worse- stop, it would take you awhile to get used to picking up your pace again. So when people ran away from me, I tried running as fast as I could to chase after them so we can run together instead of running separately. But I couldn’t reach the pace in time and I got too tired to chase after something or someone that/who doesn’t want to be chased. Then I stopped and fell to the floor. I stayed there for awhile, watching other people walk/run/jog past me. The thing is, it didn’t matter what speed they were at. What mattered was that they continued moving forward.

So that’s what I did. I got up and took a step forward. Slowly but surely, I increased my speed. Now I’m running.

Is it true?
Am I going too fast that people can’t stop to see if I’m worth the energy and speed for them to catch up with me?
Cause I don’t want to slow down for someone who would end up running away from me again.

It’s not that I’m not willing to take the risk.
I’ve taken risks before. It made me happy.. For a while.
But it left me in pieces.

So if I were to slow down for someone, I pray he’d walk/run with me through it all. When I trip over a root of a tree, when I fall on my face, when I get a really big boo boo etc.

Cause if the person can’t give me that, just that, then I can’t slow down for someone who’s potentially going to break my heart and make me stop moving.


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