Doing what you love, and loving what you do.

I forgot to post this! Wahidah had to do a project for school and she filmed me! (Cos I was the only one she knew who had a hobby hahaha)

So, on that day, she and her groupmates came over to TP to do the filming. I had a choreo a short routine (which I stressed over) and I had to answer some questions. It was the first time I was ever being filmed. Ok I mean, when my uncles takes videos of my cousins and I during holidays as a memory of the trip doesn’t count. I was given specific instructions to NOT look at the camera, which to me, was quite hard. Wahidah kept telling me to not look at the camera. It was awkward at first. I’m shy (ehem) whenever people are watching me or staring at me. Oh, the irony. Considering the fact I’ve performed on stage in front of people before. Hahaha.

They had to take different shots of me dancing and from different angles. I felt that my choreo was quite MEH (like my other choreos). But it’s okay. I was quite pressured to deliver and do a good job cos if I sucked, then there could be a probability that Wahidah’s group would do badly for this assignment. Nevertheless, I did what I could and followed instructions given.

It was overall an interesting experience AND Wahidah’s group got a good grade for it! So yay! 😀

PS: Last part- that was not my bra strap it was the strap from my tanktop. that shows I full out (HAHAH, trying to make myself look less unglamourous)

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