The Sweet Collision.


The band I’ve been waiting for to come to Singapore, finally came.
Words aren’t enough to explain how awesome they were and how awesome the experience was.
My apologies for blogging about it 3 weeks late. School has been…. stressful.


When I entered the warehouse this band, The Summer State, was performing! And there was a familiar face! Ryan from TP! Go check this band out they’re really awesome! 🙂


Derek Sanders. awekfjbkdfgjnz;rgnz;skmef’adfn;szlkdg f.sd
(BRB, hyperventilating.)

And then my camera died ._.

Took videos from my iPhone but………….. HALF WAY THROUGH THERE WAS NO SOUND.
(stabs self)
But oh my God. They were so good and they played their awesome songs. I was jumping throughout (except for the slower songs) and I thank dance for making my stamina not as lousy as before. I swear, that it wasn’t enough. I didn’t get enough of Mayday Parade. I suffered from a Mayday Parade hangover the next day… And the day after the next… And the day after the next of the next day….

That’s pretty much it. I’ve been listening to them since I was in secondary school.
So, no words can explain how it meant to me that I got to watch them live. It was a mind blowing event of the year and I think it will be the highlight of 2011 for me.





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