Fast one cos I got no time to write a long post. I will after I finish handing in all my assignments, or if i cannot give a chicken shit about writing a lengthy (hopefully meaningful) post, I will do so after my test on the 7th of June.

I just wanna say that I am thankful because I am surrounded by people who inspire me everyday. I see them everyday in school. They are my classmates. Recently, I’ve come to terms with my lack of academic abilities/capabilities. I’ve learnt that when you don’t understand, or you need help/assistance, you ask for it. Cos if you don’t ask for it, you’ll be a fool forever. I decided to put my ego aside and accept that I need help. Lucky for me, I’m surrounded by my classmates who never push away my plea for help. Some of them even bothered to proof read my essays and tell me how  I can improve on it. Some of them reply my irritating tweets on how I can find information in the internet.

For that, I am really grateful. Then there are those who inspire me with their hardworking personality. It makes me push myself harder. It’s pressuring, but if I don’t feel it now I will never improve (abit too late to improve now, but better now than never).

Maybe I do regret being stupid sometimes. Or to put it in nicer terms, “being academically incapable”.
But Oh well. i’m already here, might as well make the best out of it.

OK SHIT. quite long alr. hahaha.


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