Sudden Revelations

Wow 2 posts in a night. I must really be thinking.

I was reevaluating myself a couple of minutes ago.
If at one point of time one can be a good person or at least try to be, just in a short time that same person turns into a bad one.
Do you consider yourself a good friend? Well I don’t think I am. Like I have a million and one flaws. But I try to be.

I guess today, I tried too hard that it turned sour.
I’m the kind of person who will admit my mistakes, I don’t like denying when I’m wrong. Makes me look like a bigger fool.

The funny thing is, the person who started this shit, in my opinion, is the exact same person who’s wearing the mask of the victim.


I clean my shit up. I don’t cover it up with tissue paper.

But I only have one thing to say to the ‘victim’.
Stop your portrayal of self pity to the whole wide world and grow the hell up. Stop thinking of yourself and get some balls.


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