But The Battle Wages On


Probably the dopest way to start the new academic year. I can’t believe I’m a senior in Poly. Soon I’ll graduate, and move on with my life. The scariest thing is I don’t know what I want to do after I graduate. Go to Uni, yes. But which Uni would take me? I’m like a freaking loser. Nevertheless, “The Battle Wages On”. Gotta move forward and make tomorrow better than today right?

Got my time table and it seems quite alright, I suppose. Retaking RMB again. Hoping to score well this time to increase my GPA. I really have to cos my GPA is really pathetic. Meeting all the new Freshmen makes me feel insanely stupid. And getting to know the Junior batch better after HSS FO makes me feel EVEN MORE stupid. They’re doing really well.

*Big sigh*

For now I’m just taking life as it comes and making the best out of everything- Every feeling, every movement, every experience. I just wanna do well in the academic part of my life. It’s sort of my ultimate dream. HAHAHA. Other than the academic portion of my life, I have to say I am thankful that I’m doing real good. I’m happy and contented. Savouring Β and enjoying every moment I experience. Like I said, the only thing that’s making me unhappy is my academics. My academics makes me an emo kid, seriously. But I shall not dwell on that. It’s a new year, I’ll conquer my inability to score in tests and exams… And RMB.

Moving on, I still sound like a man. My voice breaks whenever I talk to people. I got very awkward stares. HAHAH. Quite funny, actually. But damn, was it worth it. As always, HSS won nothing. Cheer was fun, but apparently, no other schools used music except ours *shrugs* I was proud of our cheerleading routine. By the time we were at the regatta my voice had no hope. And the fact that I had a life threatening sickness last year that made my lungs kind of weak, I was afraid of overstraining it. So I couldn’t contribute to the volume of our already small school, HSS. But it’s okay. I was contented anywayyyyyyyyy~

Spending the last few hours of my holidays slacking at home, and with my friends. Finally met Fiqqy after a long time. Watched him compete for the first time as well! Really proud of him πŸ™‚ It was a very good end to my holidays before I start slaving to compete with naturally smart people. Bismillah.

Gotta start digging my wardrobe for school. And the temptation to get a new pair of shoes is growing larger. My love for shoes and the need to get more Β will never stop, I swear. I have over 9 pairs of sneakers, and that does not include sandals and slippers. And I want to get more. Daddy didn’t like the Nike Blazers I planned on purchasing the other day cos he said it looked like my other pair of Nike hi cuts ._. So I’ll be looking out for more nice new fresh kicks! Heee.

And I’ll be performing Junwei’s Item on Thursday for CCA Recruitment outside library!! So if yall are free and bored, catch TPDE outside library this coming Thursday, 28 April 2011! πŸ˜€

So till when I feel like writing something again (Probably something less boring and more meaningful than this post. Lol)

I’m flirting with my eyes,Β I wanna leave with you tonight

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