When You Dance, The Whole World Dances.

I am extremely thankful to be given a chance to be part of something so special and meaningful. It has taught me many lessons on perseverance, patience, determination and tolerance. This is why I love dance so much. Like if dance was a person, it would be my boyfriend that i will never break up with (WOULDN’T THAT BE AWESOME IF SOMEONE LIKE THAT EXISTED.) The feeling you get after working with all the people to make a show happen… The feeling you get after it’s over… I can’t put it into words.

And the friendships I’ve made. The bonds that grew stronger. I am very thankful to Allah swt for my friends, my dancemates and this opportunity. ALHAMDULILLAH.

No regrets man. NO REGRETS. Even though I got no boyfriend to watch me dance and gimme flowers. But omfg. NO REGRETS.




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