Random short stories.

Ok so, I wanted to share this a freakin shitass long time ago. But I kept procrastinating cos i was just too damn bloody lazy ^^

As you all know, I’ve already gotten my driving license. This has got something to with that. I’m here to share about my Ustazah.

I passed after taking the driving test the second time. And I had little/ no practice before the test itself. But I was determined.
The day before I had class with Ustazah and we were talking about tawakkal and leaving it all up to Allah and accepting whatever that He has for all of us. So I shared her the fact that I’m leaving my fate of the outcome of my driving test to Allah swt. I took enough lessons, and I also did my part of remembering all that my instructors had taught me. The reason why I didn’t go for more lessons was cos I was short on cash and I had to rely on practicing in the cab (blindspots), practicing using Isk’s car (Parking) and trying to imagine myself doing the circuit stuff in my head.

So she knew I was gonna take the test the next day.
I passed.
I was so elated and thankful I almost wanted to kiss the floor of the CDC (LOL)
Called my parents, texted friends, and at the back of  my head, I remembered Ustazah cos she did wish me luck the day before. As always, I forget quite easily and I was so into the whole happiness shit, that I forgot to text her.
As expected, she texted me.

Moral of this story:
I am very blessed to have Ustazah as my Ustazah. She never judges me and the rest of us in class. She welcomes us with open arms, like we’re her God kids. And she teaches us with such love and patience. When she teaches us she never judges, she never throws out unnecessary remarks. And once in a while, she’ll teach just for a while and then get us all to sit in a circle so we could share any problems we had. Sometimes, I even stay back just to ask her opinion on certain matters, and certain issues or feelings that I have pertaining to trying to be a better person and a better Muslim. Truth be told, some of my classmate’s problems are really personal and somehow we can open up to her really easily. Even problems that are looked down upon in the eyes of religion and society, she still helps us answer our queries and like answer those kind of What if situations. She doesn’t go like “WHAT?! WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS DO U HAVE? STAY AWAY FROM THEM” Instead she says “Don’t ignore her, try to persuade her and be there for her, support her..”

I’m just really thankful to have Ustazah as my Ustazah. And honestly, it makes me quite sad to leave class when I continue on to Pergas after I finish this last year… It’ll be different cos I know in Pergas, it’s really classroom kind of thing. Maybe sometimes Ustaz/Ustazah can joke around, but i dont think they’ll have the time to give us attention like how Ustazah gave my classmates and I attention…

Short story #2

I’m just stating that, I am happy where I am now. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Although I feel like there’s nothing to think about and I feel quite bored (LOL), I’ve never felt so peaceful. I’m in a place where the only thing I worry about is school, health, family and of course, if my religious doings on this Earth is enough for Allah to lighten my burden on the day of Judgement. I have no friend issues to think about and stress over, I have no boy problems, I have no getting over to do, I have nothing that has no relations to religion and family and myself to WORRY about. And it feels… PHENOMENAL. I can’t even explain how I feel.

I am just, contented and very blessed. ALHAMDULILLAH

Thirdly, Imma give a shoutout to Japan. Our hearts are with you guys. Stay strong. Allah will help you.
And yah, wake up my friends, Allah is speaking to all of us.
For me, the trick of me not forgetting to remember Allah is when I’m spacing out, like dreaming, then I’ll like “Eh since u not thinking anything think of Allah!” Then I’ll start to do a little Zikir 🙂
TRY IT! And make it a habit 😀 It’s really good cos Malaikat likes to hang around with those who Zikir often and that’s good!


(Picture: Copyright goes to Leslie Leviticus Teo)
Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble (TPDE) GEM 6: CELEBRATE LIFE

Date (s): 1st and 2nd APRIL 2011 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm
Venue: Temasek Polytechnic Auditorium 1
Price: $15 (All proceeds will go to a charity, if we’re lucky enough some of it can even go to help Japan! I dont know about this I’m just saying, but it’ll be damn awesome if it was possible. However, if it’s not, it’s okay cos you still contribute to the community!)

Unfortunately, I am unable to book tickets for you. I can only CONFIRM you have the tickets once you’ve paid me.

Much Love ❤


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