This is a shoutout to mah bro, Muhammad.

I know what you went through is tough  (ok I don’t know how it feels exactly, but I know how much it has affected you). Nevertheless, I just want you to always remember that no matter what, everything happens for a reason. Though we may not know what the reason rightfully is, it is still a reason. Allah will not put you and the rest of us through hardships and challenges that we cannot get through. No matter what life throws at you, in some way or another, you’ll be able to get better from it.

Secondly, never give up. EVER. The girl of your dreams will come to you. Allah will bring her to you. Allah will show her to you- Only when He thinks you are ready for it. Don’t say that she doesn’t exist. Everyone has their own fantasy of having the perfect guy or perfect girl. But the truth is, when Allah lets you meet your soulmate, however imperfect he/she is, he/she will still be perfect to you.

And lastly, I know you have low self esteem, but let me be the mirror for you for this post okay? You’re a good looking guy who respects his friends and people around him. You’re a smart person with the biggest heart. I can safely say that you are everything a girl looks for. Maybe you made a mistake this time. We’re all humans, everyone makes mistakes. Count yourself lucky that you experienced this cos now you know better. But don’t let it pull you down, don’t call yourself stupid for falling for that virtual girl.

And someday, you WILL find her. Someone who really deserves you for everything you are.
Say Alhamdulillah, and thank Allah for this. It might be a blessing in disguise 🙂
And don’t doubt if you deserve to be as good looking as you are. Cos Allah made you good looking for a a good reason, I’m sure.

Hope you feel better and always remember that all of us got your back, no matter what


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