No Pain No Gain

I wonder why people celebrate the new year. It just means 365 days has passed… The earth has moved around the sun one round, and it’s gonna start on the next round (right? lol)

But anyway, I shall reflect on 2010

Hardships 2010:

1) I got really sick
2) I failed a subject
3) Friendship problems
4) Meeting douchebags
5) making myself emotionally vulnerable
6) family disappointments
7) failed my driving test

Awesome shit that happened 2010:

1) Performed at RWS!
2) Got closer with my dancemates
3) grew and gained experienced as a dancer
4) The Big Groove!- Quest Crew!!!!
5) Made myself  more involved in dance by performing for engineering orientation, tprawks opening and closing, RWS!!!
6) Got over things that should be gotten over
7) Apologies and forgiveness
8) New shoes!!! – Nike hi cut, Vans- Boat shoes and sneakers
9) Got my macbook pro, Barney! ❤
10) Got closer with my parents
11) Jalan raya with my awesome mates
12) Harry Potter 7 part 1
13) Stayin tight with my closest mates from Sec school
14) Farie’s production!
15) FB production!
16) Cut my curls off!
17) Bangkok
18) Kampung
19) My friends surprising me with a cake to celebrate my birthday :’)
21) THE FRAY!!!!!!!!
22) Surprising F for her birthday in March
23) Eating sushi!
24) Gaining the weight I lost after suffering from pneumonia for 2 weeks

So I guess 2010 had its ups and downs.
I guess there’s more to come for 2011.
Cheers to 2011 everybodehhhh.
May we all become wiser. Hehe



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