So, I went for a holiday- by sea, air and land.
Went back to Bukit Tinggi. The journey was really tiring cos we went via Batam. It didn’t help that I was sore cos of the conditioning I had the day before. I loved the conditioning btw! So shiok siahhh. ok yah. So i had really awkward and painful muscle spasms on my arms! Like whenever I wanna turn to my side when I’m sleeping, my arm will cramp up. WALAUEH.

But after  awhile it subsided. And luckily it did, or else I wouldn’t be able to help carry the heavy luggage on the way back. So we did the usuals. Wake up, breakfast and headed to the market for the mothers to do shopping. As always, I just follow. Heh. Nenek bought LOADS of food and snacks. And omg i couldnt finish them all! I felt bad cos she bought them for me. But you don’t understand cos in one trip to the market, she bought me like 6 packets of different types of snacks and food O.O And we went to the market 3 days straight. So imagine that. I think I gained weight. Not a bad thing, but it put pressure on my stomach hahaha. The food over there was MAD AWESOME. Omnomnomnom. And of course, THE WEATHER WAS THE BEST EVER. Air con temperature 24/7! Ahhhhhhh. I miss it already.

I was quite bimbotic the first few days. I wished Liyana Happy Birthday a day in advance *Palm to head* I cant remember what other things happened during the trip. But from the top of my head, the ferry trip back home to Singapore from Batam. All the Singaporean chinese who went to Batam for a short getaway are kiasu to the max of the freaking core of the universe la. It was so uncivilised! They were pushing their way through the small gateway just to get seats in the ferry. And they didnt care bout the senior citizens or anything. I asked Mama to bring nenek and squeeze through the crowd cos she’s old and she should be given priority. Then there was this chinese dude, carrying his bag- like lifting it up so he can walk/push through the small gateway. And he didnt even freaking care that my grandma was in front of him. And nenek is short, so his bag like almost hit her head. I was in full view of what happened, i flipped out siah.


Then he looked at me, I gave him the “knnbccb fuck you nbcb” face. I was like really pissed. Bloody fool. I carry my bag until hit your grandmother’s head you like or not? knn. Respect ah. Let the old people go first, you so young, still able, need to sit for what?! Can stand also what.

Yah so that’s all I remember, for now. wah long post. Lazy. I need to shower. harharhar.


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