When girls are too clingy, the guys complain-
“Why don’t you give me space? Why can’t I hang out with my friends? Why don’t you give me some time with my friends and what I wanna do aside from being your boyfriend/date? Why don’t you understand that I’m a guy and I wanna do what other guys do besides pleasing you and showering you with attention”

That is why I’m the sort who really doesn’t mind. If the guy wants to hang with his mates, by all means. If the guy has many girl friends cos he’s just nice like that, fine by me. If the guy can’t send me home cos he has to take a shit really badly and has to head home as soon as possible, it’s okay, I’m independent. I can get home by myself. If the guy is tired, too tired to text me even, it’s okay, I don’t mind. I’d rather he rest and feel better to conquer the next day.

But why is it, that when I be the kind of girl guys want (not clingy, give space, never whine, never complain, never emo when you dont call or whatever), it feels as if I’m being taken for granted? Just because I don’t mind, doesn’t mean it is a passport for you to keep thinking I don’t mind and not acknowledge my existence as your girlfriend/date or whatever.

So what do guys want us girls to be, huh? What?
I’m just so tired of not being good enough and not being what one wants me to be.
I accomodate so much at the expense of my feelings of feeling neglected, all i get in return is getting taken advantage of.

I still have much more to learn, and one of them would have to be giving love, care and attention, and expecting nothing in return.


I just can’t believe I’m upset over the exact same thing. Different year, different person, different context.


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