So I failed.

But not the reason why I wanna write something here. I’m kinda pissed now. Hmm maybe the lack of sleep. Ironic, cos I CAN’T FREAKING FALL ASLEEP. ARGH. Maybe cos i’m still brooding over the fact that I failed. I always do that. *emo* but yes like I said- not the reason I wanna write something

I just wanna say that I can’t resist myself anymore.
I am going to change my phone wallpaper to the picture that makes me feel happy even if it’s for a little while.
It’s in F’s camera. Hahaha. F, you should know which one and who is in it. Pls dont prasan yourself, cos you know you and L’s face are on my desktop. Hehe.

*looks at photo*
Ok back to work.


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