It started with the Pack Leaders creating the barricade. The semicircle. From where I was standing, I could hear Evan passing the message along to the Pack Leaders “CREATE THE SEMICIRCLE NOW. CREATE THE BARRICADE”

When the human barricade was up, the semicircle was empty. Why? Cos that’s where we were gonna perform in. Then, our music could be heard. That was our cue to step into the circle to take our spot.

I swear, the crowd was so hyped and dope. They were literally almost pushing the barricade of pack leaders to get to us. In front of me, Leslie turned and shouted “WOOOHOO!! GO TPDE!!” and Nicola was right beside him and she turned around too. All the more I felt damn high. I bet all of us did. It was time for us to do our thang.

Yesterday night’s performance was the BEST performance I’ve done all this week, including engineering orientation about a month back. The feeling was super overwhelming and omg i cannot explain it in words. I wanted to do it again.

Waited for the DJ to start spinning. Although the songs aren’t the ones we usually cyphered to. But the thing is we have to be versatile as dancers right? I’VE NEVER CYPHERED MORE THAN 3 TIMES UNTIL YESTERDAY. And omfg. The feeling… UN DESCRIBABLE. And surprisingly, the best song I danced to was Baby, by Justin Bieber. YES, JUSTIN BIEBER. and O.M.G by Usher.

Haaa. I dreamt about it man. Dreamt about the whole ambience that we experienced yesterday night.

Love them to death



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