Battle Ground.

On Saturday, I joined Watcha Got. It was my first ever dance battle. And I was freaking nervous. My first battle was with Leslie. HOMAIGOD. After one round, it was a tie! So we had to dance again. I was tired already. So much for training stamina the day before. LOL. FAIL.

Anyway. I lost to Leslie. But Alisha and I got picked again to go through to the second round! But we battled each other. Which I lost, again. Nevertheless, I HAD ALOT OF FUN. Words can’t express the adrenalin rush when the whole battle ground is yours. You just listen to the music and express how the music makes you feel. And you don’t have to worry about looking good, or having the right moves. Just go with it.

I wanna thank Jonas and Nic for their plans on making watcha got a success. It really is a good platform for all of us to bond and learn from each other and really get a feel of how a battle really is like. I really appreciate the DVD that yall burned for us about the real meaning behind battling and cyphering.

I don’t know what I would be without dance, seriously. Many people don’t get it. How I can stay in school for a long time just dancing and slacking with my dancemates. And I honestly do not know how to explain it either. When you’re on stage, you get the feeling in the pit of your stomach. Like you wanna vomit and like not go out to perform at all. But when the music starts and you start dancing… You seem to want more. Maybe other people won’t get what I’m saying, but I’m sure my dance mates and dancers would totally feel me.

When I dance, I don’t dance to impress. I dance to make myself feel happy. Dance is a form of escapism for me. Dance is knowing that no matter what, when I’m on the dance floor, there is no wrong or right. It’s just me, the floor and the music. Of course, you have your peers who’ll encourage you and advice you on the things you should work on, which in turn would benefit you in dance. Training basics and all…

Just know that if all else fails, I know i can depend on Allah, and of course, dance. I had no experience in dance when I got into TPDE. Dance was something I always liked since primary school but I didn’t have the chance to go deep into it. Until i took the chance and went for auditions and got in. It was a miracle- kinda. Cos I never thought I’d be accepted considering the number of experienced people in TPDE. But I suppose that goes to show that dance just lives within me. It runs in my blood, i guess. Although I’m the only dancer in the family (the rest are all talented in music).

Watcha Got FTW!


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