I’m not in a good place, really. Not that any of you would actually care, but I thought I should just state that.

I don’t want to talk about it. So I’ll talk about something else. Yep, you guessed it- risk(s).

Some may say that you should follow your heart. Go with your gut. Go with what and how you feel.
They’re right. I mean we are all young- time for us to make mistakes.

Then you think about the consequences. What it could do to the future. What could happen. Hence that causes you not to wanna take that risk.

So what DO you do? really.
I think I seriously need to get my act straight. Or else, i’ll just keep plunging down the vortex of I dont know what. basically just go… DOWN.

On the contrary, I’ve been enjoying dance a lot. I like dancing during the holidays. Nothing much to think about, nothing to do but dance. I love HH1. I really like working with Alex and Joycelyn. Thankfully, we all can click easily and compromise. Hence, us doing a not-so-bad job. I hope HH1 is like the dopest of all the items. Hahah. Well, we all have goals, right?

I particularly do not feel inspired tonight. I just felt like ranting. So.
Till whenever. Nights.

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