I forgot I had loads to talk about here. Heh.

But I’ll start with this, from the top of my head. The most fresh-est idea i got like about 45 seconds ago.
Only some know about this very selfish act/thoughts that I have. But you can’t blame me for thinking the way I do. Really. There are people who agree with me. I’m not saying a lot, but they do exist.


So anyway. Sometimes, I get kind of like irritated looking at happy couples (I TOLD YOU IT WAS A SELFISH THOUGHT). But at least I’m (wo)MAN enough to admit it rightttt. But anyway back to the point. I do get irritated/annoyed. Like when I see “jiwang” stuff on social networking sites, I’ll be like “Oh SHUT UP.” Ok now that I’m typing it out I think it’s kinda funny. As in the random shit that comes in my head sometimes. OHWELLZ. I’m being brutally honest here. I get really like annoyed. Like yes, rub your happiness in my pathetic life. JUST RUB IT IN TILL LIKE MY SKIN TEARS APART. that kinda thing. but then there are those couples that when I read them things and go “Aww” instead of “OH SERIOUSLY GET A FREAKING ROOM, OR LIKE COMPOSE YOUR OWN SONGS. STOP TORMENTING OTHER PEOPLE”.

And I think I now know how to distinguish these two types of couples.

“AWW” Couples: They express care and concern for each other. The kind that fills the heart with warmth just knowing that love does exist. And i personally like this kind. Cos I long for something like this.

“EWW” Couples: Honestly I find that they’re just trying to show off they’re in a relationship. Like “Hi, hello I am in a relationship. Someone (other than my family) actually loves me. No one loves you. Something must be wrong with you” And I think that they’re relationship doesn’t have much substance in it.

And OF COURSE, I know to the people IN a relationship, will say I’m being very bitter and mean. I don’t mind, cos I’m aware of that. And also, I know there will be some people who will say “Aiyah last time she in relationship she also like that. Now not in relationship already then jealous of other people who are. Why can’t she just be happy for people?”

In some levels, you may be right.

I’m sure you know what it felt like to live after a break up-

a) Moving on (cos maybe you were the one who initiated it)
b) Getting over someone (cos maybe you were the one who got dumped)

These two factors- it actually really depends on the situation. But the main point is, whether or not you dumped someone or got dumped by someone, it’s still hard. Like can you live with the feeling that you gave your heart to someone, and let that someone give you their heart, but you end up disappointing them? That feeling of like “I can’t believe I broke someone’s heart” And when you get dumped, how are you gonna adapt to the change that you now have no one to say I love you to, and I miss you to? Are you able to move on? Will you ever move on? Will you ever feel the same way for someone else like how you felt for the person who left? Will you ever meet someone who will make you feel like how the person who left did? So yes, it’s hard.

And with this, the feeling of being in a happy, healthy relationship is obviously not the same. As diplomatic we wanna be about it, we have to face the fact that when we get out of a relationship there will be that feeling of bitterness. I admit I was all lovey dovey and expressing my love for my ex boyfriend. What I’m trying to say is that, reactions towards issues changes with situations.

When you’re in a relationship, all relationships are “Aww” to you.
When you’re not in one, relationships are “Eww” to you.
Get what I mean?

And it’s not that we ain’t happy for the people who are in one.
Like i said, it’s the situations that cause our reactions.
Take me for example, I think it’s annoying. But at the same time, one day, I’d wanna feel what they feel.
So you see,

reactions towards issues changes with situations.

Therefore, I conclude that everything in this life except death can be described in 2 words-

“It Depends.”


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