Possible vs. Impossible.

I seriously need to blog about more interesting things than my boring shit ass life stories. like for real. i’m getting bored of myself. zzzzz.

But let’s see. since my life is the only thing I’m fluent in currently, i shall tell you what i’ve been up to for the last few weeks.
Well the BEST thing would be the arrival of Adela. I mean she’s just my niece and all, and she’s not my kid but oh my goodness, you’d be surprised by how the arrival of a cute little human being can change your world and your perceptions towards life.

(AH! a topic to talk about!)

(I know, this picture… AGAIN. but i like it so. FFF UUUUU if you dont hehehehe)

So. Adela. I watched this kid grow in her Mommy’s tummy for nine months. The fact that I study dev psych actually makes me understand more about the whole process so that was a good thing. Other than that, I still cannot believe that little Adela begun as a ‘segumpal darah’. Kind of like she started off as a zygote, given life by Allah swt. And as the month’s went by, Kak Dira’s tummy got bigger and bigger… Adela was growing.. In her Mommy’s tummy. And suddenly as I was happily jalan raya-ing, she finally came out and saw the world!

Of course, when I first met her a week ago, I was super excited. I felt like I was going to see a long lost friend, or a lost family member or something. Throughout the day, I was looking forward to seeing Adela. I wanted my existence to be known to her. I know it sounds really self indulgent but hey, I said the same things to Adela’s two older sisters as well when they were little… The first time i held Adela, with the magic and miracle of a young innocent baby, it was as if she took all my pain away. It’s like she knew I was having a hard time all this while she was in her Mommy’s tummy that when she came out it was as if she was telling me “There, there, Auntie Ra. I’m here now”. And she’s right, she’s here now.

There’s just so much more to life than all the negative stuff. Everyone thinks money can fill emptiness. It’s true, but omg, a baby filled mine. SHE DID NOTHING. All she did was sleep as i cradled her in my arms. So little and she made THIS much impact on me. Adela’s arrival made me believe in the existence of miracles and possibilities that anything is actually more possible than it actually seems. She grew in her mommy’s tummy, for crying out loud. for nine freaking months and now she’s out. We study it, we talk about it, we read about it. It seems impossible that a baby can fit in a woman’s womb. But ahh… it’s possible.

If a kid can fit in a mother’s womb and can be delivered naturally, heck, anything is possible.


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