wedgies at Sentosa


Headed down to Sentosa with F and L today 😀
we took the megazip! Sooooo fun omg.It’s a not so cheap thrill. but it’s really fun!
I guess it’s safe to say the catchphrase of the day is “My crotch hurts!”
Thanks to the harnesses. We had a conversation on the way down the zip line. It was hilarious.
Once we were on the way down, we started laughing cos they didn’t count down for us.
I was talking to L about how I’m getting a wedgie and suddenly we started moving! Like shocked for a moment.
Then I screamed Happy National Day.
And I screamed to F and L that my crotch hurt.
F was the only one who reached the other end without the crew there to rescue her. L had to be pulled in by a pole. and for me, since i’m really light, they had to like zip over some pulling thingy to pull me in. So embarrassing omg. People were taking pictures from below and i was stuck there T_T
But anyway, we chilled at Coffee bean after. Had our girl time, and headed back to vivo.

Today was awesome to the max.
YOG in sch tmr. Compulsory. Ahh suck balls. but at least report at 2. so ok la.

And lastly, before i end this post,
I think God gave me the sign I asked him for.
Things.. they change.
Even if you refuse to believe it and PRETEND, face it, it’s not the same anymore.
We’re all liars. Pretenders. Fakers.
That’s what we are.
Stop being so self righteous, and think realistically.
Like I said, we’re all hypocrites in our own sick way.

But yeah, Ramadhan is slowly creeping onto us.
And I pray that things will resolve, I always do.
Because it’s not easy to carry a heavy burden in your heart.
When your heart is blackened by so many questions and curiosities.
When your heart can never be at peace knowing that you are unsure of certain things and the decisions that were made and have been made.
Insya Allah, this month will bring all of us peace and happiness.

I pray that we all start again when Ramadhan starts- with a clean slate.

Happy Fasting, everyone 🙂
May Allah bless you with the strength and patience to get through Ramadhan with the purest of hearts.


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