I am so lazy to like type down every single detail. BUT OMGWTF. IT WAS SO DAMN FREAKING AWESOME!!!!
All our hard work… Paid off (Y) GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE!!! 😀
And i was really shocked cos we stayed at


It was fun bunking in with Jessica, Melissa, Junko and Jolene. I was kinda sad that it was only for one night, but it was fun while it lasted. Took loads of pictures. And mum wasnt kidding when she said that RWS doesnt look like you’re in Singapore at all. I felt like a freaking tourist there. haha!

After our performance, we got to take pictures with….

PM LEE!!!!

HE IS LIKE A NATIONAL ICON. I WAS SO AMAZED. I know he’s not like a celebrity, but hey, he’s a smart man. He’s kinda running the country.

After that we were allowed to eat during the reception. While walking around, we received many compliments and praises by the people who attended the summit that morning. It made us feel really, really, proud of ourselves, our school and of course, TPDE! ❤

So yah. This will be an experience to remember, most definitely 🙂
I’m gonna miss rehearsals with the RWS peeps!
Till next time~

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