Fight Song.

For those of you who watch glee
Remember when New Directions lost Regionals to stupid Vocal Adrenalin?
Figgins said he was going to close down the Glee club.

Will: Emma..! Emma..! What was that all about?
Emma: It’s just so unfair… the kids have  worked hard for this! Did you know he’s already given the choir room to the mock- u-in??
Will: A deal is a deal… We lost, Emma…
Emma: … Because Sue cheated! She cheated, Will! And where do you think all the money is going?!  It’s going right into her pocket! We can’t let her win this one! How can you just stand there and be so calm about this?! How can you just give up so easily?!
Will: I tried, Emma.. okay? it’s over
Emma: No… No.. It’s never over. I don’t care what anybody says, some things are worth fighting for.

Even the one who appeared to be the one whom people would not expect to throw off a tantrum, well, threw a tantrum.
She fought for what she believed it.
She took a fucking stand.
Even if she knew people will never listen to her, she did it anyway.

The moral is, even if it’s not a 100% fight- like you know there’re two sides to everything. At least you took a stand. You didn’t tail people like as if you’re his or her bitch.

I was never interested in an ultimatum.
I may be looking like an ass right now, but I’d never ruin other people’s happiness.

I’m just gonna quote Emma Pullsberry here-

“How can you just stand there and be so calm about this?!”

Yeah, b.

How can you just stand there and be so calm about this?


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