Of tales and things you’re encouraged to do.

I initially wanted to squeeze two issues in one post. However, it will end up very long and I’m kinda lazy. Hee hee hee. My apologies to those who come across my blog but are not able to understand Malay. A chunk of this post is in malay. So yeah. Just the cited bit.

4. Larangan untuk memutuskan hubungan

Memutuskan hubungan, bergantung pada sebabnya. Jika dilakukan kerana tendensi duniawi, maka tidak diperbolehkan. Inilah yang dimaksud oleh sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW,
“Tidaklah halal seorang Muslim memutuskan hubungan terhadap saudaranya sesama Muslim lebih dari tiga hari, jika bertemu ia saling berpaling. Yang paling baik diantara keduanya adalah yang memulai salam” (h.r Bukhari dan Muslim dari Abu Ayub ra.)
Beliau juga bersabda, “Barangsiapa yang memutuskan hubungan terhadap saudaranya sesama muslim, lebih dari enam hari, maka sama seperti membunuhnya.” (h.r Abu Dawud)
Adapun jika dilakukan kerana Allah swt. maka boleh dilakukan lebih dari tiga hari. Hal ini berdasarkan pada hukuman yang dijatuhkan Rasulullah SAW. kepada tiga sahabat yang tidak ikut dalam perang Tabuk. Beliau memerintahkan semua umat Islam, untuk tidak berbicara dengan tiga sahabat tersebut selama lima puluh hari.
Demikian juga, dibolehkan memutuskan hubungan dengan orang- orang yang sentiasa melakukan perbuatan bid’ah, atau menganut paham-paham sesat.
Al- Khathabi juga menyebutkan bolehnya memutuskan hubungan bagi orang tua terhadap anaknya, suami terhadap isterinya jika hal itu memberi manfaat. Boleh juga hal ini dilakukan lebih dari tiga hari, kerana Rasulullah SAW pernah menjauhi isterinya hingga satu bulan.

– Al- Wafi Menyelami Makna 40 Hadith Rasulullah SAW,DR. Musthafa Dieb Al- Bugha & Muhyidin Mistu (2003)  Chapt. 35, Ukhuwah dan Hak- Hak Muslim

This was what Ustazah went through during class this morning. Needless to say, it got me thinking. What better way than to ask Ustazah, what I should do. With relations to Ukhuwah, of course. On a side note, I’m very thankful I have a very understanding Ustazah. I’m sure the rest of my classmates would agree.

What I feel pretty much doesn’t matter. All I know is that what I studied today made me think of my options. This is Hadith. They’re the things Rasulullah SAW encourage us Muslims to do, and carry out in order to achieve eternal happiness on Earth and in the after life. No doubt the facts of logic and reasoning tells me I should not do what’s stated up there in Malay (I swear the book is in Indonesian and man do they use weird words sometimes O.o). Somehow, after class today I felt that I should do something about it. (oh crap, MY FEELINGS AGAIN. Dag nabbit.) Told Ustazah my worries and what she said really empowered me.

“Make the first move. Just tanya khabar… beri salam.. how are you.. Dah itu saja. On the surface. Ni semua kerana awak nak jaga ukhuwah sebagai seorang Muslim. However they look at you after that then it’s not your problem any more.”

In the lines of logic and reasoning, ignorance is bliss. Fo sho. No doubt about it.
But in the lines of doing the right thing and what you’re encouraged to do- that’s a whole new different story.
And then comes this-

Would you rather be disliked by people,
or disliked by God?

The fact that I’m thinking about it makes me feel better. Maybe if I heed Ustazah’s advice and Rasulullah SAW’s Hadith, this feeling that has been haunting me will go away. It’s been definitely more than 3 or 6 days. I have sinned. Though I know it should not be prolonged, I think it’d be better if I do so, with an open heart and a confident one. When I am absolutely ready. Insya Allah. Amiin.


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