Erikson. 8 Stages.

Psychodynamic Theory
Erik Erikson

1. Basic trust vs Mistrust
2. Autonomy vs shame & doubt
3. Initiative vs guilt
4. Industry vs Inferiority
5. Identity vs Identity crisis
6.Intimacy vs isolation
7. Generativity vs stagnation
8. integrity vs despair

Oh sorry. I needed to make sure i remembered that. I got lazy to jot it down on a piece of paper so… Hehe.

Wednesdays. I only had 2 hours of school. In class, L texted me asking what time i finished school. Turns out she needed some company after lunch with F. I realised F’s fb status wasnt as happy. So I decided I’d join them for lunch at NYP! 😀 Only L knew I was coming. So F was really surprised! The look on her face- EPIC. Hahaha. I think she needed some supplies for the day. Hehehe. So Yay! It was fun surprising her. So we all went to MacDs for lunch. I had oreo mcflurry since they didnt have the horlicks one 😦 I WANNA TRY THE HORLICKS ONEEEEEE. dammit. Oh and a little black bird flew by NYP too. Claimed he wanted to meet his best friend (But I know want to bump into me lah duh). Either way, I was kinda sorta maybe a little happy cos he flew by. Although it was just a wave. But okay. And considering my PMS mood yesterday. So yah.

Sent F off to her main telepon office. HAHA. then L and I headed out to orchard. I bought a dress! Or more likely, L bought it for me first. Cos apparently, i was not aware i had insufficient funds in my ATM -.- this calls for a new invention of ATM cards!

Couldnt slack for long cos I got a test tmr (hence Erik Erikson)
So i went home.

Ok the reason why I wanted to blog. Naida made a post on her blog about me. And I felt really touched by it. Like Awww. Haha.
Not to worry. Maybe i havent let it go 100%, but it’s people like you, Hana Banana, my girl friends, my best friend and those who matter that help me get through everything. Every day I see you and the rest, it gives me the will to believe that not everyone thinks that way. No doubt, it scares you. And I’m sorry if yesterday freaked you out a little. All I’m saying is, no matter what, there will always be that probability of people you care most about leaving, and walking out that door. But when they do, it’s in that way that you can be able to see who’s worth crying for, who’s worth that little space in your heart, who’s worth your thoughts.

People argue, Naida. People fight. People disagree on shit. Even stupid shit. And when shit happens, it’s some crazy scary ride. But it’s only then that you know who’ll have your back. How? Cos when shit happens, even how shitty it may be, the real ones will feel as lost as you do, will feel the hurt that you feel. And you know that the real ones are the ones you cannot not talk to and therefore you have to, just ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO tell them how you feel, and that somehow, life wouldnt be the same without them around. And those who just come- well when shit happens, and talking isnt really the coolest thing in the list to do, you’ll feel like it’s not worth your time even trying.

Example, my best friend and I, jyeah, Mr Fiqqy Fly (cheh that rhymes hahaa) we’ve fought before. He called me really mean things. Some things that broke my heart. Some things that really made me angry at him. Maybe for a moment I hated him. Then I heard the song How to Save a Life by The Fray. I missed him. Even though each of us had our own egos. I couldnt stand picturing my life without him in it. Once I felt that way, I forgot who spoke to who first. But I think it was me. Haha. I knew he was worth the time in my life. Worth me trying to make things right. And so I did. He’s my best budd. He knows me better than anyone else.

You have us too 🙂 Hee hee. See ya tomorrow babydoll ❤

PS: I suppose I’ll be seeing the word ‘babydoll’ in fb tonight? being made fun of, no?
(not referring to u naida ahaha)


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