This Is For F and L. (and maybe for myself cos I feel like ranting shit)

Dear F & L,

Acturry (Peter Chao, inspired), I decided to blog today after I read what F blogged about last night. F, I dont know what it feels like to go through TEP and ‘main telepon’ (inside joke) every waking day for the next few months. But all I know is that L and I understand that it’s your responsibility as a student to go through this (shit). Nevertheless, it’s not YOUR fault that you gotta go through it right? And besides, L has to go through it too. I love you both to death, and you know that. I honestly do not know what I’d do without you girls. You girls have been there through practically almost everything. Seen me at my peak and my lowest. See me make the worst decisions and the crappiest mistakes. And no worries, we will meet and sit for one whole day or walk around for one whole day for all i care. WE SHALL DO THAT OK. DONT WORRY ABOUT THAT. IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY!

Hahaha. It’s not your fault. Besides, I’ve been sick too. So, maybe it’s a sign that you should wait till i fully 100% recover to have Tiara in full blast. HAHA. WE MISS YOU! Hehehehe.

We shall meet real soon! Stories and gossips and bitching! (And Probably a little bit of swooning hehe)

Miss you girls to death.
Love you girls tooooo MUACKSZXZXZ.

This sounds like a post for a boyfriend. HAHA. Like “I dont know what I’d do without you. You complete me…” shit.
But seriously. They complete me. Life would not be the way it is without them.

On a lighter note, I’m slowly beginning to complete my assignments. Finishing quizzes. Blahblah. I’ve just finished one chapter of developmental psych notes. Many more. Woohoo. Sense the sarcasm. I need to gain more weight. Seriously. I really dont understand why people want to be stick thin. YOU CANT WEAR ANYTHING. During dance camp, i think i looked like a pole hanging clothes out to dry -.- Speaking of dance, I miss dancing full out, like seriously. Actually I miss doing everything full out. Everything I do now is just bleh. I cant even get too excited when telling a story or else I’ll end up coughing. SUCHALOSER. but what to do. Part and parcel of getting better, I suppose. I was told that pneumonia takes a long time to fully recover. Only time will tell. However, I’m back to eating like I usually do (JUMPS AROUND AND THROWS CONFETTI). And I’m back to my jokes and retarded comments. So all is good.

Ok. I am sleepy. THOU SHALL SLEEP SOON. Well it actually depends on msn.

5 words before i leave;
I’m getting used to it.


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