Rawr. Seriously.

I Will Kill For Food.

Ok maybe not kill. But you get what I mean. As you can see, I have lost a shitload of weight. But I’m slowly gaining it back. I just ate a double cheezeburga. (Y) Thanks Mommy ❤ When am i going to BK to get my turkey bacon burgerrrrrrr. Student meal please.

DOC tomorrow! Eggcited. but you know what they say, if you get too excited then like things will go wrong. So I’ll try not to be too excited. Anyway I cant be too rah rah like i was during FO. I’m not allowed to dance either 😦 Oh well. Besides, I dont feel strong enough to dance. My lungs arent strong enough yet.

So till whenever I feel like randomly rambling.
Goodbye, good earthlings.


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