You know you’re unsure. You know you’re pretty much taking a huge chance. Chances. Well they have a thing of disappointing you. I mean from the experience that I’ve gone through thus far in my short 18 years of life. It’s like taking a step forward and you don’t know where you’re going for sure. Like seriously. You have no idea. Yah that’s how I feel now. I feel somewhat lost. But at the same time if I don’t move, I’d just be stuck here. I suppose somehow or other you need to move, even if you’re unsure or you’re not confident of the move you’re making. At least I know I got to move.

The thing is I am moving. But honestly, I’m scared out of my pants of moving. Fear. That’s why.

Then again, if one is to live in fear because of past events, then what’s the point in living? Life is all about taking chances, I suppose. It’s then that you find out if the chances you take is worth it or not. I’m not saying all chances taken will end up sunny side up. Some don’t. Some actually disappoint you and slap you in the face. But I guess one always has to remember that there’s always that probability that the chance taken will end up sunny side up.

I just gotta believe in that probability. Gotta believe that the chance i take/have taken/will be taking will end up sunny side up.
As Paramore puts it,

“And I’m on my way to believing”

I’m on my way. I just need a little push. And a little winning over *winks*

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