There Are Things You Don’t Know And Don’t Deserve To Know.


Alhamdulillah, I’m finally well enough to blog. I’ve been sick for the last eight days. My fever went up and down. My coughing is still there but it’s getting better. Apparently the doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia. Obviously I’m scared. Like it’s freaking pneumonia. That’s like not funny. It’s not ha- ha funny. It’s pretty serious, if you ask me. However, the doctor has since given me medication and antibiotics. Today I didnt have a fever, Alhamdulillah. The antibiotics must be working. It better work. Seriously. My appetite is back. I’m really thankful for that. At the beginning the antibiotics were making me lose my appetite. But so far, this time round, I can eat rice again- REAL FOOD! I cant wait to chow down burgers and fries and fried food once i get better. Trust me I have A LOT of things that I want to fill my tummy with. I’ve been craving for coke for the past 5 days. Currently all I can do is just dream of myself drinking it. That’s enough I suppose.

Yes I’ve lost weight. I lost more weight than I thought I would. Everyone was shocked at how skinny I’ve become. I am not anorexic. I do not have weight issues or some eating disorder. I’ve just been very very sick. It’s nice to know people actually notice how much weight I’ve lost. Means I WAS fatter before… Okay people are going to disagree with me on this. They’re gonna say “Like as if you weren’t skinny enough before this” Haha! Dont lie, I know. L says she’s going to have a twig as a friend. A twig? I’ve just been downgraded from a bag of bones to a twig; or a bag of twigs- BOT. OMG. That’s so tak glam. I’m gonna tell her that today. HAHA! Gonna tell F too.

I MISS MY GIRLS! Texting L the other day made me happy. MSN-ing with F later that day made me happy too. Imagine the chaos if we met. Ahhhh the loooooveeeee ^^ Tomorrow will be the last day of the week for me. Yeehaw. But I’ve got break from 11-2 -.- Mmmmm. Probably bring Barney tomorrow.

So. Experiences from being very sick for eight days and still not 100% recovered yet.

Medication can be a bitch. It’s so weird cos as bitches as they can be, they’re the stuff that can actually help you get better. So from me almost crying looking at my medication after I have my food, I created an alliance with them. And it has proved to work!

Water is your best friend. Those who know me know that I dislike drinking plain water. I like flavoured water. I like tea. I will avoid plain water unless like I just finished dance or running or some exercise thing. But yes, in this context, plain water is your best friend. Then the toilet will be your ‘bro’. Cos after all the drinking, you’ll need to pee.

Sleep. Must I really say more? Whether or not you’re sick, you need sleep. Everyone takes advantage of sleep… Hehe. Don’t lie.

Of course there were times where I felt, well, honestly, afraid. You know, like you start asking yourself if you can get better cos when you’re lying down on your couch or bed, everything looks kinda bleak. Then you start to wonder what you’ve been doing in your life and stuff. Well that’s what happened to me for a brief moment. All this time I’ve been brooding over shit that isn’t even worth the time in my life. Over thinking stuff that should just be taken lightly.

So yes. It is time for a change.
I’ll bury myself in work and tv shows ^^ and of course people who matter.
But before that I need to get my health back on track. I pray I’ll fully recover really soon. Insya Allah, Amiin.

Before I get back to my resting and sorting out some school stuff, I just have one question. I hope it makes you think. And this has got nothing to do with my health, cos duh, that’s my problem.

My problem, or your problem?
Think about it.

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