The Past 3 days.

I really look up to my grandparents now. I now know why sometimes it’s so hard to get Gaek to eat sometimes. The amount of medication makes your tongue all bitter and shit. UGH.

I officially HATE eating pills after pills after pills. Especially after dinner. Cos thats when i feel like puking. I’ll end up heading to the toilet and puking pretty much nothing. I’ve been taking in water like a water barrel. I head to the toilet like all the time. I felt okay yesterday during the day. But when night fell, the fever kicked in. It remained that way till the next morning. Then here I am, okay again. weird. But okay…

I dont like my pills. I cant stand the aftertaste. Like mehhhh. >.< I have this anti viral thingy. my cough is super annoying, seriously. I WANT TO GET BETTER. AHHHHHH. *CHANTS* NO MORE PILLS! NO MORE PILLS!

yes that would change things. I better eat my medication before my food digests and i feel all pukey again. eeeewwwww.


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