Too much cinnamon meltz.

I swear I didnt want to blog today. I have music to mix and a dance to choreograph. T_T but i felt that the events of today was worth my time blogging.

I went to queensway with L. In the MRT, we were minding our own business when this lady came in and started cursing and swearing at the top of her voice. Bringing up about the government, LKY, Muslims, Chinese, husband and wife etc. I didnt get what she was trying to get at. But the moment her mouth opened, everyone just stopped whatever they were doing. I think for a moment i stopped breathing. Ok no I’m kidding. But yah. She looked like she was scolding someone. Or like something bad happened to her, like her house got taken away or she was sacked from a job or something. And she brought up about being malaysian… Which either meant she was malaysian or something. I didnt get it, really.

But i was so tempted to go to stomp and like post something. But L was like dont be so bored. HAHAHA. So i didnt. After a while she kept quiet but kept mumbling to herself. Then after a while she started talking again! In mandarin/hokkien this time. I couldnt understand, but she seemed angry. HAHAHA. But seriously, there was one point in time where i was actually hoping she was wearing a super tiny, secret bluetooth device in her ears. But No. She was seriously talking to herself. She must be damn pissed, yo. Girlfriend’s havin a bitch fit, yawww!

OK NOT FUNNY. but yah. guess where she alighted.

Outram Park.
That’s where SGH is. I suppose she’s mentally unsound and is a little late to go get her medication. Hence, she starts blabbering in the train. Either that, or she just really had a bad day. Now that I think of it, if she did get a really bad day, it’s kinda sad. I hope that random woman is fine. Whatever, she’s gotten her medication, or get her job back. But like really, imagine if something THAT bad happens to you till you start speaking out in public.. Damn.

we thought that was that. We met another weird character on the way home. This time at the Queensway bus stop. We were looking for a bus that’ll lead us to the mrt station. as we were looking on the board of busses and their directions….


i was like O.O! Wtf is this fucking auntie… I ALSO WANNA SEE RIGHT?! KNNCB.”
then i turned around.. FAKE!
It was a kid. A BOY. BOY. he sounded like an auntie i swear. He didnt seem okay, so we just excused ourselves. After he checked whatever he needed to check,

“195 ALSO CAN!”

L and I exchanged glances. Our bus came, and in the bus I said, “this cannot get any better. such an interesting day. I like today. and 195 ALSO CAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAH”

We were almost squished in the train by this guy. He did kind of fall on me.

Then three dudes from a smart school. Seriously. but smart?


Passed paya lebar. And this is what came out from their supposed smart mouths

“Eh Paya Lebar Interchange? Why got interchange?”

In my head i was like “BECAUSE GOT FUCKING CIRCLE LINE.”
His friend corrected him
“Got circle line lah… open alr what.. u never see news meh”
“Oh no la.. when news i go watch other show.. so sian”

I found that funny. And one of the guys’ asses kept touching mine i swear i felt molested. Inside MRT cannot stand properly. TSK. stick out your ass, take the whole pole and use it to sustain your butt and weight. come on.

So that was today. Back to songs.


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