Run, Little Rabbit, Run

Shopping today! *jumps for joy* But, Dad just gave me enough to get myself a pair of pants and some food along the way. So I have to prioritise what I really want. I was thinking of getting a pair of blue vans i saw yesterday… but I’m not too sure. Currently on my list of things i want to buy are

1) Basketball jersey (Not like super important)
2) Vans Shoes (I can imagine myself wearing it already…)
3) Khaki pants (I can imagine myself wearing this too..)

But I got limited resources to play around with. So I guess I must see which one I want the most. Well, as you know. Things dont usually go as planned. I may just go somewhere, see something I like and end up buying it -_- Bad habit.

There’s nothing to eat for lunch. bleargh. And have i mentioned? My maid has this utterly annoying bad habit where she sings ALL THE TIME. It comes to a point where i feel like killing myself. Like. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. but i dont say that. she already thinks i hate her (when I dont, by the way). Can’t blame me. I prefer to be alone and not to be spoken to. That’s all. For the fact she calls me Adik Tiara, that kinda annoys me too but whatever la. It’s just a name. She makes me sound like I’m a kid, seriously. Like I’m five or something.


I’m hungry. Scolded for skipping breakfast last Wednesday. the whole i almost fainted hoopla. So i suppose I have to think of something to eat today before I go out. ok i’m really hungry. I’ll go like hunt for food or smthg.


OMG. The Fray. Like. The Fray. *Amazed*


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