I woke up and showered. Didnt take breakfast and headed down to the market. OK I cycled to the market. Then i realised i forgot to bring enough money. so i cycled back home. otw out i felt rain drops, so i panicked. I cycled fast. I burned all my energy. Like the reserve energy. After I got what i needed, I felt so lightheaded. Then i was like shit.

So i decided “ok I’m gonna cycle slowly” I tried. I stopped at the blocks beside school. I was already seeing stars. Broke out in cold sweat. After I felt better I walked home with my bike. It was damn scary. Like I couldve fainted on the road sia. O.O i got home and got some sugar in my body. And did i mention, i think my blood pressure was affected also. You know when you take airplanes then u get that weird feeling in your ears? yeah i got that. but i wasnt on a plane.

I rested for a bit. Had some lunch. I felt better. In the afternoon I wanted to go parkway, but the rain was too heavy and i was afraid I’d faint on the bus or smthg. LOL. So my day was spent at home. ^^

Dad’s sick. Down with the flu.

On the bright side, Timbre Rock & Roots this Saturday!!!!!!!!


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