Allah Knows.

Even if i had the privilege to use all the words in the dictionary, i will not be able to even begin explain how i feel. If my heart had a mouth, it’d pour everything out here. But my heart doesnt have a mouth and it is scientifically impossible.

Honestly, it has come to a point where i dont know what or how to feel. But I know what i DONT want to feel. I dont want to feel anger. I want to be able to accept with the most sincerity that Allah can bless me with. I want to smile about it, and not cry about it. Although i have, but I’m tired. I’m exhausted. Time heals all wounds. And I believe that time is all i need to be okay. How much? I dont know. Allah knows. Allah knows what my heart can’t tell you. Allah knows what my heart is going through.

Allah knows the reasons why things didnt work out.

I’m not ready. It still hurts. It still hurts.


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