17 Years

So. I’m less than 12 hours to turning 18.

I guess i feel mixed emotions. I’m not that excited but excited at the same time. WHUTTTTTTTTTT.

I dont know why turning 18 is such a big deal. For me it makes me realise how freaking old I am. And which means i have more responsibilities. And by right i should be more wiser. We’ll see.

But anyway, i’d have to say being 17 was one of the best thus far. new friends. new environment. and to top all of that off, i have my old friends close by.

I’m glad i made it this far. And I pray for a happy year of me being 18. I wont say happy always. i mean who doesnt want that. but everyone knows shit will happen whether you like it or not. and if shit does happen, then being 18 means i have to brave it. and instead of remembering the bad stuff, turn it to something positive and make it good stuff.

Yeah for smokers and drinkers u’d be all psyched to turn 18. You dont have to break the law anymore woohoo. -_- hahaha. but anyway. I think it’s super dope that i’m turning 18.

OH WHAT THE HELL. Age is just a number. I’m still a kid at heart. TAKE THAT.


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