Slamat Malam, Bapak- Bapak & Ibu- Ibu :D


I’m back. So i went on a holiday. I went to Bali. I was like reluctant to go. Cos I was paranoid- freaking out about the whole bomb thing. But Alhamdulillah, all went well. I was also kinda reluctant to go cos I’m gonna miss the big boy. Which I did. a whole lot. And guess what? I SURVIVED IT.

Anyhoos. I didnt do much water sports cos i didnt have friends to do it with. so i just ended up walking around the place. our flight was delayed by about 2 hours cos of some technical problems. we arrived in bali at about 11 plus. checked in the hotel. washed up. and rested. i swear i was sleepy. but i couldnt fall asleep. i hate it when that happens.

woke up early the next morning and had breakfast. breakfast was alright. nothing much for me to eat. then went on a tour. that day our first stop was the barong dance. cool story. and talk about controlling your movements and everything. them balinese dancers have to control everything from their head to their toes. even their eyes. salute them manzxz. then hopped into the van and went some where else. we went to art galleries, batik factories blahblahblah. i swear all i wanted to do was sleep in the van. LOL.

we went to one of the temples which i couldnt go into cos i was not pure. heh. oh yea. the main religion in bali is hinduism. so u can find flowers and everything as offerings. even on the sidewalks, they wrap some statues with black and white checkered cloth to show that the statue has it’s spirits there. spooky, i know. so the temple was dope. there were people who went to shower with the holy water. it was like a swimming pool. then they have split gates. it’s to ward off evil spirits or smthg. i forgot. then we went to see a volcano. had lunch there. really nice place. at night we went walking around Kuta without the tour guide. Found ourselves at ground zero- the place where the first bomb occured. they built a monument to show the names of the people who died in the bomb. back to the hotel it was.

the next day was our own day. our own day of slacking and walking around. well we decided to go for a day of pampering. Mum went for her spa and dad went for his massage. i went for my manicure. why no pedicure? cos, i’m ticklish. what. up. waited for the parents like gundu liddat for 2 hrs -_- haiyo. but nvm. after that walked around some more. shop2. at night we went to the mall beside our hotel which was directly in front of the beach. so technically, its like really having sand behind white sands. and a beach behind shopping mall. so dope. we took some pictures at night. at the beach. then back to the hotel to rest. waited for 12 midnight and sang daddy a happy birthday song. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! πŸ˜€ the hotel gave daddy a cake too.Β  updated my journal. and sleep it was.

day 4 was half our day and half tour day. shop some more. headed to the part of the beach where the people went tanning and surfing and everything. i wished i went to surf. but got no friend no fun la. maybe next time. so yeah. took more pictures. it was so damn freaking hot that day. so we walked back to the hotel. our hotel room was on the ground floor. i open the door, i see the swimming pool. it was so hot. i was tempted. i changed to my swimsuit and went for a dip. mum took some pictures of me and daddy in the pool. yes, daddy went in for a dip too. LOL. quickly got ready for the tour to tanah lot. a temple in the middle of the sea. geographical site much. apparently there’re these snakes that protect the temple. and these snakes have tails of fish. black and white stripes. i have a picture of it. but u cant really see the tail.

then we went to see the kecak dance. now this was damn cool. there was no music involved. just a chorus of men doing different parts to make the tune using ke and cak. SUPER COOL. syncronisation A1. balinese dancers. and at the end, there was some trance going on. no, not trance music. but this guy in a trance. his face was so creepy when he was in the trance. like he had that scary smirk. he started stepping on fire and ash. u know like when u go for barbeques. and u cook with the white stuff on the charcoal- the hot bit. yeah. he stepped on that. held the coconut husks that were on fire. he even stuffed it in his mouth. IN HIS MOUTH. for a moment he looked like a lantern. his mouth all glowing and shit. then when the priest uttered some prayers or smthg he snapped out of it. freaked out.

after that we went to eat dinner by the seaside. LIKE LITERALLY BY THE SEASIDE. the tables and the chairs were on the sand. so i ate dinner, on the sand and the best part i done need to worry about sand coming in my food. what. up. the seafood was great. like super dope. like omg. i cannot explain how dope the seafood was. it was to celebrate my daddy’s 57th birthday! snap snap here, snap snap there. makan2. there even was a mobile band! like these few men playing guitars and a drum singing for us while having dinner.

then it was hotel room to sleep.

day 5 was the last day. honestly, THE DAY I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. cos i get to go home. and talk to my handsome boyfriend. YAY.Β  we still had a whole day to kill. so walked around some more. towards the end of the day, we got super lazy. so we went to the beach. i walked by the beach. got my jeans wet. it was beautiful. then we slacked at starbucks till we decided to go back to the hotel and get ready for our flight home. met fellow singaporeans too. and the son of the family’s from tp. so talked2. blahblah. then home it was. i was glad to be back. i missed Amalul so much. heh. SORRY FOR THE MUSHY SHIT. HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE.

so basically, Bali is a great place. beautiful scenery and ambience. nature and everything. so awesome. i’d recommend bali for sand and sea lovers. photography enthusiasts. very very very nice place. especially the beaches. and of course, girls would love bali for the never ending australian surfer dudes. its like. a second australia. bali is good for people who’d want to walk down streets wearing bikinis and surfer shorts. good for guys who wanna show off their abs and wear just surfer shorts while walking around the streets in bali.

I enjoyedΒ  spending time with my parents. but the next time i go there i wanna go surfing, scuba diving, parasailing, tanning, frisbee by the beach, volleyball by the beach. that would be like damn awesome.

Amalul will be leaving tomorrow 😦 for batam. i just got back wtf. and he’s ferry-ing out to batam. SIGH. and SCHOOL. OMG. SCHOOL. OMG SCHOOL. i havent do my rma quiz. knncbwtf. I DONT WANT TO GO SCHOOL OMG. NOOOOOOO. haiz. but it’s okay. haha. and time check nine days to eighteen. even my flight seat was 18. WWWWHUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. it’s a sign. hahaha

well it’s great to be back. totally brushed up my bahasa indonesia. Come Amal let’s see who sounds more indonesian. HAHA. omg. so long this post. eewww. kk before yall like fall asleep. k bye,

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