After 8 days.

HI. I’m very happy today. I got to meet the Big Boy 😀 *jumps around and throws confetti* he was the one who did the shopping. I enjoyed watching him spend money. hee hee.

It was a very short yet interesting adventure today. We walked around 313@ somerset and then to heeren. then home it was. Went to eka’s today so i followed Love back to Pasir Ris. So since it was raining, we stopped at simei to take 5 to pasir ris so Love would be sheltered home. 5 arrived. We happily boarded the bus only to be welcomed with a foul smell of vomit.

Usually when i board a bus i’d go to the back for a seat. supplies. that was where the vomit was. we took a seat a few rows before the vomit infested one. Amal thought it smelt like cheese. I was like concentrating so i wouldnt puke. He told me to imagine it’s cheese. I already saw the vomit- WHAT CHEESE IS THERE. so it was a rather painful ride. and soon, Amal agreed it didnt smell like cheese anymore. for 10 mins my face was stuck on his shirt cos i needed to smell something else other than the vomit.

upon reaching a random bus stop, a lady decided she couldnt take it and alighted the bus. the bus captain gave us 2 options- alight, or continue. we decided to continue, but he called the operator to ask what he should do. initially those who wanted to continue could, but it would be an express journey- meaning the bus captain wont be picking up any more passengers. but then the operator called again and told him to cancel everyone’s bus fare and take another bus. so that was what we did.

Amal alighted at his bus stop while i went all the way to the interchange. walked to eka’s place.

oh. and my idea of distracting myself from the smell was to take pictures. yes, even when the bus captain was all deciding if he shd continue with the journey. lol. i’d have to say today’s photos were not really as dope as always. cos i think i was concentrating on not smelling the foul smell. HAHA. and my fringe is kinda newly cut so it has yet to fit in with my head and the rest of my hair. but nevertheless, i had a great day with Love. somehow it wasnt enough but when is it ever enough ahaha.

Favourite blurry picture of the day. HEHE.


I was tahan-ing the stench of the vomit. As anti climax as it may have been, i turned to Amal and said “I know it’s very anti-climax, but i love you :)”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my day with Amalul after not meeting for 8 days.

Hee Love u la.


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