It. Is. Over.


Yeah. I finished my tests!. YEEEHHHAWWWWWW. so. on thursday, after my test, i switched sheldon on. for 12 hours. i spent the day watching how i met your mother. it was pure bliss. hehehe.

turns out i wasnt gonna mee the big boy today. cos he was off to release stress by playing soccer. but it’s great that his papers are over! πŸ˜€ i have another 3 more days to suffer till i meet him. *dies half way*

but before i dwell on that.

I HAD AN AWESOME DAY WITH THE CULLENS TODAY! πŸ˜€ talked, coffee, cakes. it was pure bliss. i had fun HEEE. thanks for an awesome day, yo! πŸ˜€

ok now i shall dwell

I have to suffer another 3 days. before i can meet the big boy. THREE. TTHHHHHRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. T_T this is so stupid. we’re connected by the world wide web and telephone lines underground. and we live in estates right beside each other. tampines and pasir ris. THIS IS STUPID. angry. stupid tests. we;iohrfelfc.nzskdf cskl.nfcslkfn;sfn;

Yes people I am suffering from Amal withdrawal. it looks really bad.

and yes, hate me. hate me now. everything i do or say = amal. vomit now. VOMIT. STUFF TOOTHBRUSH IN YOUR MOUTH AND VOMIT.

omg. i have lost it.

I NEED ICE CREAAAM. TO DROWN ALL THESE NEGATIVE FEELINGS. i need to run. i need to skate. i need to swim. i need to dance. I. NEED. TO. DANCE. TSK.

i feel unhealthy. not fat, but unhealthy.

k bye.


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