Facebook Does Wonders

The last time i met her was in 2006. She was very pregnant. She had swollen toes. She was gonna like give birth anytime soon. I visited her to wish her happy teacher’s day. I was 14 then. After that, I never spoke, or saw her. Or even met her at tampines mart or smthg. Sometimes I felt as if she kinda forgot me. I mean like who am i right. Just a student out of many students she taught. And besides, she had a family alr. So of course she had no time.

Then one day she sent me a message on facebook. I was like O.O She still remembers me! and found me on facebook!

I just looked through her photos. She’s still pretty as ever. She’s a mom and a wife. She’s studying in Australia.

And that made me realise. All those years have passed, I came to realise how old i’ve grown. How time flew so damn fast. Her son is three, and is like SUPER CUTE. He has big eyes just like his mom. She used to teach me in primary four. She got me my only A in math, throughout my education from pri to sec sch. even to poly. Heh.

I suddenly was reminded of the primary school days. she was like my super favourite teacher. I admired her cos she was really pretty, she was funny, she taught well and she let us see who she really was outside of the teacher context. She was awesome. calling her miss hernie’s abit weird now cos she’s married and has a kid. but i grew up knowing her as being miss hernie. and miss hernie she shall be. Hehe.

It’s nice talking to you again, cher. and yeah, although u may not be teaching anymore and you confirm plus chop not teaching me, you’ll always be that teacher who got me my A in calculus. MY ONLY A. and that was in pri four. L-O-L


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