overdued KL pictures. and update. Well. As i’ve mentioned. I woke up with a long face (as in metaphorically) I was a 5 hour bus ride away from Love. thankfully the weekends passed quick. I was glad to be home. I missed the handsome boy too much. I think i was suffering from Amalul withdrawal. i did not enjoy amalul withdrawal. i felt like it was pure torture. but nevertheless, shopping, food, and good company kept me sane.

So I woke up at 6:30 to shower and get ready for our journey to KL. we took them double decker coaches. it was dope. i was super sleepy. so i slept 95% of the journey. lunch was provided in the bus. and there were movies to watch. but i decided to sleep instead. i really slept know. like. during the journey to s’pore immigration- sleep. traffic jam at m’sia immigration- sleep. journey to toilet break- sleep. after lunch- sleep. all the way till KL. went to the hotel. i didnt mind the hotel although it was kinda old. but it was kinda gross. cos the toilet flushed out yellow water and it wasnt our pee. i wanted to rinse my waterbottle. but as i rinsed, the water was yellow. my waterbottle was contaminated i refused to use my waterbottle and relied on bottled water.

walked to pavilion which was some what like ion orchard. but sooo much better i swear. a few mins walking there i knew i was gonna spend alot. it was true. i found a shoe. i fell in love with it. (i’m sorry Love. you know i love you more) i was contemplating if i should buy it. so i thought about it first. met auntie lin and her family at british india where the mum’s were looking at baju-s. blahblahblah. then i went back to the hotel earlier cos i wanted to catch the last episode of nur kasih! OMG I SWEAR THAT IS THE BEST SHOW I’VE EVER WATCHED IN MY LIFE. then i watched this super sad drama. then i cried. then i fell asleep.

day 2. breakfast (Y) then i went to meet auntie lin at pavilion again. shopping again. and i got the shoe 😀 hehehehe. went to masjid india after that. got my jubah and my tudung. headed to petaling streeet. nothing much there. went to eat seafood. i saw this super cute kitten. and i saw fat ugly rats roaming around. after dinner went back to the hotel. rest.

day three. did last minute shopping. took the bus home. i couldnt sleep in the bus this time. prolly excited to come home. for very obvious reasons.

Big bowl of beef noodles!






k bye.


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