Oh Monday

As of 11:08pm, I’m literally blah. Why? Cos I realised that it’s hard to find an article for my percog assignment due this sunday. But since I’ll be away for a short trip till sunday i gotta get it done by thursday. Honestly, i feel like it’s kind of impossible. but i must have confidence. I hope tomorrow’s researching session after lunch with Nabilah will be a fruitful one. and I hope both of us can find suitable articles associated with our topic.

My plans for tomorrow are freaking boring and retarded. Like you will never have guessed Tiara would have such things in her plans for a Tuesday

1) go for rma lecture
2) lunch
3) head to the library to do research for percog and Insya Allah i’ll find an article
4) go study with Amalul Love: Do BioPsych mindmaps
5) Home
6) Try to start on my report which i have to get done by thursday

Oh God please help me. I want a good GPA. Means good reports. and good results for tests. means work. nevermind. Work hard now, i shall be rewarded later. Insya Allah.

such a blah monday. But on the bright side I went back to esss to see the band. and I was reunited with my beloved baritone, barry. Oh barry i miss you so much. And i still have my touch! i can still play the baritone (Y)

Okay. I’m kinda stoned right now. i need to like chillax.


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