Somekind of Wonderful

This week has been hectic. So many deadlines and assignments. But it’s the weekends now. LIKE FINALLY. But apparently it’s not the end. I have to get all my work done by thursday because I’m like going for a roadtrip with the parents to KL next Friday. Okay, i’m kinda dreading it a little cos I want more time to watch my TV shows! Ok no. Haha. Weekends without texting Amalul Love. Challenging.

Mundane saturday. Pretty much nothing. I guess I’m gonna like take a nap or smthg and then finish one quiz that’s due next week. BLAH.

Amalul ‘Arifin, I miss you


PS: HAVE I TOLD YOU PEOPLE THAT MY BELOVED PURPLE WATCH BROKE? YES IT BROKE. THE STRAP BROKE. I’M MOURNING IT’S ‘DEATH’. SIGH. I bet Amalul is happy I’ve been spotted wearing a red watch instead. Supersigh please.


and yes, after that solemn note,

Amalul ‘Arifin, I still miss you.


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