Gloomy Tuesday. Well towards the end.

Today was top knotch, Baby! Performed for rhythmic expressions. Our last time doing our commbased routines. Kinda sad but i had fun though. While i was performing, I SAW MIDZI AND DHABITAH RIGHT SMACK IN FRONT OF ME WAVING! HAHAHAHA. The so called COOL dance turned a smiley one. hehe. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY YOU GUYS! FINALLY YOU GOT TO SEE ME PERFORM! πŸ˜€ ❀ ❀ After the event met Amalul Love and the rest of the guys at ITAS. Hugged Love while wearing my sweaty Dance tshirt! heeee.

“Eee then you sweaty like that”
“Eee then you sweaty like that”
“Eee then you sweaty like that”
“*HUG* thats just an excuse for more hugs right?”

So after i sent Love past engine sch i went home. He didnt want me to come back to school. He specifically told me to go and rest. So me, being the very obedient girlfriend, listened. I stayed home and had my rest. until i was irritatingly awakened by my scratchy throat which made me get up to drink some water. THEN I COULDNT SLEEP BACK. PFFFFT. Slacked for a bit and continued my work. Until now. Well, I’m done with my reviews. (accomplished face)

On a solemn note. I’m a little buzzed this week- well i know its just midweek. but i havent been spending time with Amalul Love and I dont really like it :/ Monday I had rehearsal. Today, he was gonna go play soccer. Tomorrow I end at six. SIGH. I miss the annoying dude. SUPERSIGH. And tomorrow I’ll be having tprawks with HSS which means my lunch will be kinda cut short, and i can only catch him before i go for socio tutorial. Oh well.

one more deadline up. I can do this.

I love HH4 and TPDE.

Amalul Honey, I love you. Always πŸ™‚

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