happy monday, earth people.

school’s getting tough. deadlines are drawing nearer. and the worst part is there are some assignments that i have no idea how to do. I dont even know what i’m supposed to do. trying my best not to do last minute work.

and guess what

its only 1.2

random fact hit me: it’s never gonna get easier.

i salute them people who can juggle so many committments and yet do well in school. how do you do it

on the bright side. mondays= finally meeting Amalul Love after a weekend. had lunch and then went for lecture. well not technically a lecture cos it was CM’s dialogue. Nabilah and I were out of the LT by 3. I had 3 hours to kill before rehearsal began. I finished percog quiz. 5/5 baby (Y) *hi 5 nabilah*

so then slacked all the way till 530. then i met Amalul Love at ITAS. and waited for Izzatul, Bob and Aziz to finish class. by then it was already 630 and i had to scoot off to the stage outside the library for rehearsal. rehearsal was short and sweet. me likey. TOMORROW, TP ARTS FEST 12 PM ONWARDS. CATCH ME AND MY MATES PERFORMING YO. TOGETHER WITH ALL THE OTHER ARTS GROUPS. YAY. SUPPORT LOCAL TALENT. LOL.

Funny incidents in school that made me laugh so bad. i couldve gotten cramps. and it was all thanks to nabilah. HAHA. i remembered i wanted to blog about something but i forgot what. dammit. i liked my text conversation with Amalul Love after dance today. It made me feel all fuzzy inside. hehehehe. yes yes. vomit now people.

so. i wanna go watch himym to calm my nerves. good thing is i only need 1 more article and i’m done for my lit review.

and lastly, Amalul Honey, school is tough. I feel it too. But hey, We cant just stop right? I’ll be there to make your days brighter. so bright that you’d have to wear shades. like ray bans or smthg 😀 I love you


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