This Is Why My Boyfriend Is Legen- wait for it- Dary.


Hi Everyone. It’s a sunday night. I’m supposed to be in bed getting ready for a long day in school tomorrow. But I just had to share this with everyone. Amalul Love just created his tumblr account. and this was his first post.


If you cant see it, here’s what it says


omg. im so new here. hello fellow tumblr-ers. have you heard, there’s a new site, the tupperwares. everybody’s using it now. its the in thing now. tumblr’s sooooo yesterday.

for example;
mom: ronny! let’s go, we’ll be late!
ron: hang on mom, im tuppperwar-ing.
mom: wtf……

im just rambling.


And so i told Nabilah about it.



This made my day.

Amalul ‘Arifin, I think I just fell in love with you all over again.
I love you






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